Cat in a Bag

Our nation has suffered such distress lately over the invasion of animal metaphors in political speech that I tried to find a kinder, gentler, purring animal. Except when it bites, scratches, or hacks up hairballs on your floor.

Palin Calling for an End to Investigation She Requested

GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin shifted her tactics for the second time in three weeks on the “Troopergate” investigation, this time calling to end the very investigation that she herself called for and the one the McCain campaign had said was the only proper venue for a probe.

Palin’s Attorney General, who initially launched an internal probe into Palin, even before the legislature began theirs, is now asking the legislators to withdraw their subpoenas of Palin aides and Palin’s husband.

We’ve had eight years of secrecy, cronyism and ‘trust us’. We can’t afford four more.


2 thoughts on “Cat in a Bag

  1. I am much more disturbed by the fct that Joe Biden helped a great deal in pushing through a bill that screwed ordinary citizens who filed bankruptcy,making sure that usurious credit card companies could still wring the last drop of blood out of the distressed consumer(when irresponsible CEO’s get millions)and then it seems his son is a lobbyist for the credit card trade organization.

    Credit has been shoved in peoples faces for a long time now,practically strongarming them to get in over their heads with deceptive introductory offers.Did Biden address that sleazy sales tactic?No.

    I automatically shred credit offers and I have one card-period.I use it for gas also,so why have a gas card?I never pay a fee or a penny interest and get back some nice bonus gift cards.Not everyone has the time to figure out how much trouble they will get into.

    I rambled on here,I know-but “Troopergate� seems like small potatoes compared with complicity in hurting millions of regular working people.

  2. You won’t find purity anywhere in politics, but the deregulators have a lot to answer for, and John McCain has been pushing for deregulation all during his career.
    You’re smart to shred the credit cards. I’m trying not to use the debit card, it’s so easy to forget it’s real money.

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