Kids Pick the President — Obama

Two million kids can’t be wrong. Plus they’ve been right in 4 of the last 5 elections. Go Obama! Go to this page to see the video results announcing that Obama won by 51%.


8 thoughts on “Kids Pick the President — Obama

  1. I heard through the grapevine (from my daughter in 2nd grade) that ACORN has been hanging around her elementary school registering “bad kids two or three times.”

  2. If my grandaughter votes,it will probably be a choice between Patrick the Clam or Dora the Explorer

  3. My 9 year-old son starting asking questions about Obama and McCain, and I explained to him, in a very neutral way, the general platform of each political party. I refused to tell him my orientation until he could think it out and understand for himself how our political process works.

    He was leaning Democrat until we got around to individual liberty and responsibility, where he started moving to the center. Once I explained taxes, he moved hard right.

    Mind you, I explained things in a very neutral manner as I take my fatherly duties very seriously. No partisan crap. I did not share my personal opinions until he could explain why he was thinking the way he was. I want my children to use critical thinking skills in all aspects of their lives, and to minimize their emotional reactions to people and situations.

    McCain is the lesser of two evils, and my son, in his own way, seems to see that as well.

  4. Carville likened the Washington political environment to pre-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, saying that “there will be nothing left standing� after the election. He added that Republicans stand to lose “not just an election but a generation of voters.�

    This a generational change that will last for at least twenty years.

  5. Joe, If Palin can correct Biden on the difference between
    “drill, baby, drill” and “drill, drill, drill” then I need to return the favor. It is Patrick the Starfish, not Patrick the Clam…silly Republicans.

  6. Richard-I am not a Republican.
    I mentioned my comment to my wife,who corrected me-“he’s a starfish”.
    I guess I enjoy watching the kid have a good time with the show too much to notice these things.

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