CEAB Forum: Be There If You Care

This Monday, October 27th, the CEAB (Cranston Educational Advisory Board) will hold a School Committee Candidates Forum in Cranston. It will be at Church of the Ascension, 490 Pontiac Avenue (right next to the Auburn Library) at 7:00 PM. All current school committee members and candidates should be there.

As mentioned previously, the schools constitute more than 55% of our spending in Cranston and they are facing an unprecedented budget crisis. This is an opportunity to ask our elected officials how we are going to deal with the current deficit and still ensure the best possible quality education for our children in Cranston.


3 thoughts on “CEAB Forum: Be There If You Care

  1. It was nice to see Kiersten there but we sure miss her involvement in the blog during this election cycle.

    Overall, it was a very large undertaking by the CEAB to corral 8 candidates on some broad questions. Given the other forum I attended this year (LoWV), this was much more informative and entertaining.

    Now, regardless of who wins, they have some work to do on the school finances… – PtP

  2. Thanks, Paul. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the discussions (using my own voice and blog) again too.

    I thought the CEAB forum was helpful, but it is a bit frustrating to feel that the schools are not able to accept any responsibility for engaging in better communication and decision-making with the city. Both sides seem to blame the other, kind of like divorcing parents. No mention was made of the lack of foresight of some financial decisions that were made by the schools, such as the ratifying of the last teacher’s contract without plans for how to pay for it.

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