Honk if You Think These People Need Help

I know we live exciting lives here in Cranston, but it’s nothing compared to what goes on in Coventry. People are honking their horns as they drive by each other’s houses! Can you imagine? Read on to learn all the hot details of a multi-incident trespassing and horn-honking dispute between Former State Rep. Nick Gorham and a neighbor by the name of Michael Baird:

COVENTRY A couple of well-known Coventry residents seem to be involved in a feud that is keeping the local police busy.

Michael Baird and Nicholas Gorham, both residents of Western Coventry, have been embroiled in an ongoing dispute since the start of the year.

The feud has extended beyond the two men and involved their wives, Roseanna Gorham and Tracey Baird, and the Coventry Police Department.

In the most recent incident, on Nov. 6, police were dispatched to Flat River Road to speak with Nicholas Gorham and then told to respond to Plainfield Pike to speak with Michael Baird about the same matter. [full text]

This would make a great Joyce Carol Oatesian story if I could rewrite it into unidentifiable form. Darn, can’t do that without ruining the story. Still, it would be potential New Yorker material in the hands of the right writer.

h/t Matt Jerzyk for discovering this Li’l Rhody gem and nice job reporting by Jessica Selby of the Kent County Times.

3 thoughts on “Honk if You Think These People Need Help

  1. They’re acting childish.I’d have expected more from Gorham.I have a neighbor who I had a serious dispute with-we just ignore each other and neither of us tries to provoke the other.Since our properties don’t adjoin,it’s not a problem.

  2. that’s why I’d rather live in the city. there’s only a few feet between my house and my neighbor’s, but we leave each other alone. anyway, there’s deer ticks in Coventry. and deer. scary place.

  3. I know it sounds trite, the horn blowing and all, but when a forest is turned into a gravel bank and zoning laws are violoated and paople feel intimidated, something needs to be done. Would you like a big bruiser like Mike Baird blowing his horn every morning and night as he drove by your house? Nick Gorham did not antagonize. He just defended himself and his client.

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