Sunny Von Bulow

Did she die 28 years ago, or today?

I remember seeing groups of women standing outside the Providence courthouse, waiting for a glimpse of Claus Von Bulow. They were his fan club. They thought he was innocent, they thought that Sunny was the real villain.

I was just a girl on the bus home from work in a photolab, riding from downtown to South Main Street. The trial was pretty remote from anything I knew or cared about, but I thought it was weird that so many women had a crush on the accused.

I think they hated Sunny for her rich and idle life.

Now that I have cared for people in a coma, I think that if Von Bulow really did inject his wife with insulin, then he worse than killed her. But guilt was for the jury to decide, and they found him innocent.

What a terrible end, to spend 28 years dying by inches. Now she can rest. My sympathies to her children. For everything.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Von Bulow

  1. Did she have brain activity?I’m thinking she must have,because she wasn’t on a respirator for 28 years,was she?

  2. the New York Times obituary says she never showed any signs of brain activity and was fed through a feeding tube. the respiratory part of the brain can keep on going after the higher functions are lost.
    however this disaster happened, it’s very sad.

  3. That’s why I asked you.I was sure you’d know a lot about comatose patients because of your profession.

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