The Dream

Now is the time, now is the time to wake up and get to work. Dreams realized require a time of adjustment, a time of accommodating to a new reality. We are no longer on the outside, waving signs and signing petitions. We are working through the democratic process, and our leaders need us. They need us to make as much noise in February as we did in November. They need us to keep them to their promises, and to stay engaged.

I heard this today in church–

Rosa sat, so that
Martin could walk, so that
Barack could run, so that
We can fly

Now is the time, yes we can.


One thought on “The Dream

  1. A friend said to me yesterday, someday children will be shocked to learn that the U.S. for well over two centuries had only white male presidents…(and vice presidents).

    My eyes keep tearing up at this evolution we are engaging in.

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