This Land Is Your Land

The musical performances of this inauguration are mind-blowing. What fortune for those who are there experiencing all of this live. I just watched Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, and a bunch of other great musicians perform a new composition for the inauguration, with sections of “Simple Gifts,” the beautiful Quaker song. I will upload a video of this once it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “This Land Is Your Land

  1. In all seriousness, I think this song should be our national anthem.

    “Radical” lyrics and all. We need to remember what a huge mess the Republicans and their “free market” theories made back in the 1920s. And again in the 2000s. Thank FDR for putting enough safeguards in place that we’ere not experiencing bread lines again.

    Miorosoft just announced 5,000 job cuts. And these are high-paying jobs that require a lot of education.

  2. “Simple Gifts” is from the Shakers, I believe, but I’ve never met a Quaker who doesn’t sing it!

    Aaron Copeland created a pretty famous orchestral piece based on it some decades ago…?I think? Less sure on that…

    ‘Tis the Gift to be Simple
    Tis the gift to be free
    Tis the gift to come down
    Where we ought to be…’

    ?? There’s a Quaker song with the same tune, called “Lord of the Dance” and I always confuse the lyrics.

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