Kmareka’s New Home

Welcome, friends and family, contributors and readers,  to our new home!  It’s still a bit untidy due to the move — in some of our 1800 posts, the apostrophe and quotation characters were morphed into strange strings of Trademark symbols and other wingdings.  This will take some manual scrubbing, unfortunately.   Sounds like a good pay-per-post database debugging job for my older daughter.

So welcome!  I’m excited to be moving onto a free server.  Hopefully being on the wordpress server will also make it easier for writers and readers to use the blog, and have the most up-to-date tools and tricks at their disposal. 

Please have a look around.  And fellow bloggers, please begin posting here rather than on the original site.


17 thoughts on “Kmareka’s New Home

  1. Kiersten,

    The new site is beautiful and good luck with it. I am looking forward to contributing important facts to the blog.

    Thanks again,

    Jeffrey Barone

  2. Kiersten,

    This is way cool!! I especially like the “Blogging about change…” line. That captures the spirit of the blog and Kmareka nation as a whole.

    This is very exciting. Congratulations and great job.

  3. Thanks, Rachel. I hope it’s your ticket to stardom as a writer and social activist. Looks like we’ve already brought in about 50 page views in the last couple of hours, so it looks good for growing your voice here.

  4. Thanks, Everyone. I guess it’s up to me to keep the ball rolling as Nancy is down with the stomach flu and David is apparently no longer among the blogging. We keep hoping David will come back, or others will chime in vociferously about whatever ails them and/or the universe.

  5. Hey Rachel,
    No big cloak and dagger/hidden identity
    scheme, I just used my existing WordPress

  6. Thanks, Matt! We have some exciting plans for Kmareka’s coming year, but most of all we want to be an open door for new voices and bloggers. Please contact me if you are interested in joining as a contributor.

    1. Thanks, Thomas! Yes, I believe I’m on the same theme wavelength as the great bloggers at Poor Man. Perhaps I can be a complimentary “Poor Woman’s Institute.”

  7. Rick,
    I figured you just hadn’t changed it yet, but notice how (per Kiersten’s guidelines) I didn’t reveal your true identity!

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