Only in Rhode Island…

As a native Rhode Islander, I’ve often heard the phrase “Only in Rhode Island…” and that can run the gamut from 3 Degrees of Separation for all RI residents to yet another political scandal.  I was having lunch with some friends at the Nordstrom Café (3rd floor of Nordstrom’s at the Providence Place Mall) earlier this week and the views there are some of the best in Providence.  We sat at a table that had a view of the State House and I started thinking of some things that could only happen in or are unique to RI.

1.     How many RI’ers have actually been inside of the State House? (They do have tours.)

2.     What percentage of RI’ers have never been to Block Island? (I’m sure there are some of you out there on Kmareka.)

3.     How many children in Providence, Woonsocket, Central Falls or other urban communities in RI have never been to the beach or swimming in the Atlantic Ocean?

4.     Cabinets: This one has always baffled me since people always refer to “cabinets” as a RI drink.  I’ve been here for almost 30 years and have never even seen one advertised, let alone had one.  Do they really exist and if so, where?

5.     We have 3 state colleges and a good number of RI’ers have attended at least 1 of them (attended all, degrees from 2 for me).   Why are people not more concerned about the drastic cuts facing higher education that will affect the entire state’s future??

Just some thoughts from me to get the new Kmareka site up and running, feel free to share some of your own “Only in Rhode Island” thoughts or experiences too.

One thought on “Only in Rhode Island…

  1. I love the cafe at Nordstrom’s. It’s the only thing I buy there! I had great grilled salmon and vegetables there once.

    I don’t have any “Only in RI” stories. RI feels a lot to me like CT where I grew up. In contrast to New York City, RI offers the benefit of city life and arts and culture along with very close access to rural areas and the beach. It’s a great spot and is destined to grow simply by virtue of its proximity to Boston, New York, and Cape Cod.

    Interesting questions about Block Island and whether inner-city kids go to the beach. I think some of the Boys and Girls clubs and Y programs take trips to the beach and to swimming parks.

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