Nice Change on the Stock Market Today

Since the new theme of Kmareka is blogging about change — global, local, personal, and political — I thought it apt to comment on the ferocious roar of the stock market back to life today. Almost 500 points last time I checked! And yes, I’m checking daily again now, since I managed to suck up my nerve and buy two Exchange Traded Funds last week. I’m not into publicizing the names of the funds we bought into — I’m not, after all, a professional stock trader, and make no claims to being capable of giving anyone advice on good funds to buy into. But I am grateful today that our investments seem to be heading in the right direction, along with the rest of the market.


By the way, easy come, easy go. Expect a pull-back in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Nice Change on the Stock Market Today

  1. Kiersten,
    I know that sinking feeling too, that “if I don’t look at the numbers they won’t get any worse”. Hopefully the market has established a floor and we can all follow the market without downing a bottle of Maalox or something stronger.

  2. yeah. I started watching the Dow in the bush adm., thinking that sinking numbers meant that the bush base would get nervous. now i hope the market will find its floor and stablize. our president promised to help main st. as well as wall st.
    that’s the challenge, i’m watching and waiting.

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