Stop Googling and Start Goodsearching

Are you a mad Googler? Every time a question pops into your head, do you run over to the computer and start Googling about it? Then you’re just like me, and you could be putting all this cyber-energy toward a good cause by going to the homepage of Goodsearch rather than to Google. I know, Google is still an excellent search engine and sometimes after I’ve Goodsearched something, I go over to Google and search again, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything, or if I’m in a curious mood to see how the information is sorted and indexed differently. But Google doesn’t do anything for the causes I care about every time I do a search; Goodsearch does.

At Goodsearch, you can choose which charity you want your penny-per-search to go to. Right now I am alternating between the Rhode Island Center for Law and Public Policy (of which I am a board member) and my older daughter’s elementary school. I’ve also encouraged the priest of my church to become a Goodsearch charity, so then I guess I’ll have to do a three-way split between my Goodsearching.

Goodsearch has a neat feature where you can look and see how much your charity has earned in searches. So if you’re a compulsive stats checker as well as a compulsive searcher, you’ll get double treats here.

Along with Goodsearch, there is also Goodshop which gives a percentage of your purchase price to your designated charity. This is a great way to give a dollar here and a dollar there to a good cause, or if you’re doing some big purchases, to really provide some decent financial support to your chosen organization.

So, follow my lead! Stop Googling and start Goodsearching. The world will be a better place for it.


7 thoughts on “Stop Googling and Start Goodsearching

  1. By the way, the Goodshop stats show up quickly too — I Goodshop purchased a leotard and skirt for my daughter starting dance classes last Wednesday for $20 and it appears there is an addition to the Goodshop RICLAPP income that may correspond.

  2. Kiersten,

    First, thanks for publicizing Goodsearch/Goodshop. This is an easy way for people to contribute by doing what they normally do – search and shop on-line.

    And second, good luck w/ dance school. Tell Carolyn that Jeannine and I say hello!

  3. Thanks, Geoff. Hopefully another star is born thanks to the Carolyn Dutra School of Dance, with our teacher Lori, who is also a Cranston Police Woman!

  4. Here’s a small world moment. Years ago, I had two of her relatives, Michael and David, as students at Grafton (MA) High School.

    The world does indeed shrink!!!

  5. Kiersten,
    I had never heard of that site before, thanks! I’ll definitely check it out. Its good to see that local charities are on it. I’m a big supporter of the March of Dimes and hope to see them on the list I can support from my searches!

  6. Thanks mom on the info. Everytime I need to search something I Goodsearch it and add a penny to my school. 🙂

    PS How do you see how much you have given to a charity???

    1. If you look underneath the window for the charity, there is a button that says “amount raised.” Click on that button to see how much you (and others) have raised for your school.

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