Comics for Cambodia

Okay, who wants to raise funds to send vulgar underground comics to Cambodia? Young women there are terribly in need of the wit and wisdom of Aline Kominsky-Crumb. Yes, she is married to the distinguished artist and author of many works you won’t leave lying around on the coffee table, R.Crumb. I’ve always admired her and loved her classic, ‘Nose Job’.

One of the comic drawings included in the exhibition is the three page story Nose Job, 1989, a typically densely packed and tightly rendered drawing that is filled with the artist’s painfully humorous, self deprecating observations about the advantages a nose job might bring to a teenager growing up “Jewish” on Long Island in the mid 1960’s. As Crumb says “Just think… I could‘ve ended up looking like Marlo Thomas instead of Danny, if only I’d had a nose job,”

Aline was rescued in the nick of time by a vision that appeared on her little black and white TV. Just on the brink of going under the knife, she saw the singer Buffy St. Marie. Buffy was Native American, and cool. So Aline escaped getting a 50’s nose just as the 60’s were getting into gear.

Cambodian girls, think about this–Michelle Obama is traveling the world and making it safe to be tall, smart, Black and beautiful. This is a paradigm shift. Don’t buy into last year’s nose. That’s so 20th Century. And dangerous to your health and happiness.

PHNOM PENH (AFP) – Phorn Lisa isn’t just prepared to go under the knife for a new nose — she’s willing to risk her health.
“I’m very afraid, but ready for it,” said the 25-year-old at a prominent cosmetic surgery clinic in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.
“I want to have a beautiful sharp nose because I’m not satisfied with my Cambodian big nose.”

Following are grisly accounts of plastic surgery by quacks and awful consequences. I’m serious about this. Any readers from SE Asia? Let’s send Phorn Lisa ‘Nose Job’ now before it’s too late for her and other young women like her. Underground comics saved my sanity, maybe comics can save lives.

3 thoughts on “Comics for Cambodia

  1. “My Nose Is Growing Old”
    A long lazy September look
    in the mirror
    says it’s true:

    I’m 31
    and my nose is growing

    It starts about
    an inch
    below the bridge
    and strolls geriatrically
    for another inch or so:

    Fortunately, the rest
    of the nose is comparatively

    I wonder if girls
    will want me with an
    old nose.

    I can hear them now
    the heartless bitches!

    “He’s cute
    but his nose
    is old.”

    ~Richard Brautigan

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