Save the Vultures

I have a lot of respect for vegetarianism. Factory farming is bad for humans as well as animals. Cruelty to animals is wrong and should be punished. But I never cared for PETA. This is just one reason…

CHICAGO (AFP) – An animal rights group said Thursday it wants to transform a Kansas abortion clinic that was shuttered after its owner was murdered into an animal cruelty education center.

“We want to take a building that has been a flashpoint for conflict on one moral issue and turn it into a place of dialogue on another one,” said Bruce Friedrich, vice president for policy at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA has a bad pattern of misogyny and exploitative publicity seeking. Good cause — bad organization.


11 thoughts on “Save the Vultures

  1. I’m aready sickened by extremists trying to buy and use that building for poitical gains on hot-button issues.

    It’s MY STATE! (selfish huh?)

    PETA = people eating tasty animals.

    I must admit that I’m a softy. Never could stand to see any animal in pain. Wild or pets.
    It always bothered me to shoot anything bigger than a quail.

    Morning, Joe, Klaus, Kmereka….

  2. I know a couple who are active PETA members-they are okay as long as the issue of animals doesn’t come up.Then they get frankly goofy.

  3. I think vegetarianism is sensible and it would be good for everyone if we ate less meat, but PETA’s tactics–I just confirmed they had a naked pregnant woman in a cage demonstration–are about the same as Larry Flynt’s magazine marketing.
    I’m suspicious of their motives in wanting to buy this clinic. George Tiller’s family and friends are bereaved, and political groups are already angling to use the murder to their advantage.

    1. That’s just sad.
      That turns me off to a decent cause.
      Just like

      Think I’ll write a quick post about your bloggie here. Like I said, we are a swarm.

      Damn liberals.

  4. Sekanblogger posted about your blog.
    So I’ve had a browse.


    As for the PETA carry on, you’re correct. We don’t yet have so much of a presence of this kind of stuff here in Ireland but they and others like minded are here for sure. We don’t have abortions either, our women are sent across the water to England, so no abortion clinics; yet.

  5. Welcome, Unstranger and Jammer 5. Nice to have a couple of new voices in the mix — particularly from across the great wide oceans and other lands.

    I really don’t know much about PETA, other than that they had a carrot running for president campaign that was kind of clever. I remember thinking that some of the fur coat protest stuff they did was extreme, but I haven’t followed them lately. I’m curious as to how they are known for being misogynist, Ninjanurse, if you wouldn’t mind elaborating.

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