Prayer Against Stupidity

Quick post before I face our health care ‘system’ once again, thank goodness as a worker in it, not a person lost in the Bardo of insurance battles.

While driving to see patients, I heard some of President Obama’s speech to doctors on WRNI. Doctors used the word ‘stupid’ more than once describing the things they have to do to navigate insurance and liability and paperwork that can only multiply, because that’s what happens when you hire people to multiply the paperwork. But now we’ve got computers so we can multiply time spent on data entry–save a tree, buy stronger glasses and wrist braces.

Today I offer this prayer from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, for all those who have died of stupidity—

When, through intense stupidity one is wandering in samsara,
Along the bright light path of the wisdom of reality,
May the Bhagavan Vairochana lead us
May the Mother of Great Space be our protector
May we be liberated from the fearful narrow passage of the Bardo, May we be placed in the state of perfect enlightenment.

Also, I’ve pulled out an oldie but goodie, a post called Her Skull Was in the Freezer. True story–a medical miracle and the insurance stupidity that almost undid the patient.


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