The Plot Thickens

It’s getting pretty thick. Don’t step in it. The woman involved in the affair with Sen. John Ensign is asking why he felt the need to confess. She wasn’t ready to go public.
Cindy Hampton and her husband and her kid all have their names in the papers and they are not happy.

“It is unfortunate the senator chose to air this very personal matter, especially after the Hamptons did everything possible to keep this matter private,” Las Vegas lawyer Daniel Albregts said in the statement. “It is equally unfortunate that he did so without concern for the effect such an announcement would have on the Hampton family.”

The wronged husband, Doug Hampton, was making over $13,000 a month working for Ensign as an ‘administrative assistant’. All you administrative assistants out there–I never knew the job was so lucrative.

It’s going to be more about lucre than lust when the full story comes out. I’m tired of seeing people outed for private behavior–even hypocrites who brag about their valuable families. But if Ensign used public money for private misbehavior he’s got nowhere to hide.


2 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens

  1. There is no end to the vegetable intelligence and perfidy of mind and morals of our poltical “leaders.” It remains unclear to me whether this is another instance of the hubris of politics, or the politics of hubris, but it is endless. If they wish to slink in the sewers, that is their right, but for the sake of all that is rational, they need to not be able to spend our money, present or future, and abuse us still more by absurd payrolls and their own, self-voted expense accounts and annual salary boosts. Term limits and a volunteer Congress would certainly make it right. We don’t want or need “professional” politicans and we do need “amateurs.”

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