The Women Speak

Finally — the legislature hears from some of the women it proposes to ‘rescue’.

PROVIDENCE — An Asian woman who said she works in a “spa” took the witness stand in a Senate hearing room Thursday night and asked why lawmakers want to outlaw indoor prostitution.

The rest here at — long overdue.

9 thoughts on “The Women Speak

  1. This kind of challenges the assertions of Donna Hughes and Rep.Giannini.
    I don’t think Tara Hurley has an intent to condone abuse of women.The truth is probably murky here.
    Putting these women in jail at great expense and throwing their kids into the foster care system seems regressive.

  2. In Tara’s documentary, ‘Happy Endings’ the women don’t seem to think that prostitution is the best of all possible choices, but more that it’s the best choice that they see available to them. I don’t support the proposed law because I don’t see how there will be any use of it except to arrest people who sell sex.
    Polaris Project has a hotline for people who want to get out of situations–I think that’s a better way to go.
    And the concerns of people who don’t want this in their neighborhood are valid and should be respected.

  3. Street prostitution in neighborhoods is exponentially worse than spas.It causes ordinary women out walking,shopping,waiting for buses,etc to be approached by ignorant dirtbags,often from out of the city,just because their neighborhood is an active “stroll”.
    The Craigslist alternative is better.
    Street prostitution also brings along opportunistic crime both by and against prostitutes.Serial murderers love street prostitution.
    These ubiquitous spas don’t seem to attract crowds that I’ve ever noticed going by those in my part of the city.There are some bars that really draw a nitwit element,though.

  4. It is true, I do not think that prostitution is a good job for women. So I think that the women should be able to get out of it when they what to. If we give them a criminal record that will seriously inhibit a “regular” job search. Also the financial impact on the budget. We are cutting funding for schools and medical programs for the elderly. How can we afford putting these women in prison and their children in foster care?

  5. You know, I just can’t get off the fence on this one. I think indoor prostitution is a safe alternative to streetwalking for women who chose to go into the profession.

    I think trafficing can be addressed without outlawing indoor prostitution.

    One thing I’m sure of though, is that a new law banning it will do little to stop women who do it from continuing. It’s one thing to have a crackdown on the streets or on suspected massage parlors. But what about the women who are much more discrete and creative, how do you distinguish a “transaction” from a date without bordering on entrapment? I’d rather have cops focused on patroling neighborhoods and catching violent criminals, drug dealers and thieves.

  6. Noted Skeptic-you make a lot of sense-I don’t think you’re on the fence.
    The authorities should expend efforts to address actual trafficking/sex slavery situations and street prostitution.
    They shouldn’t be wasting time on scheming to catch someone who gets compensated for a “date”.You’re right-when does it become prostitution?That is too intrusive,because it’s targetting private behavior between consenting adults.I thought we were past that.
    There are lots of drug dealers and burglars to spend time on which would do more to improve the quality of life in the community.

  7. Nevada has this profession legalized and there is better protection to the women that partake in this age old practiced profession. I agree with much of the above, affects their children, our system and not on the street but rather in Spa’s or yellowpages (craigslist – LOL!)

    We need to get progressive on some of the obvious practiced issues ~ along with smoking marjuana. I know too many nurses etc. that have had back trauma and this is something that really soothes their back ~ no, I don’t mean working at a spa either..haha.

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