Did I Call It Right or What?

I always say, check out Kmareka for the news before it happens. Someone in Nigeria saw ‘District 9’ and the government is not amused…

ABUJA, Nigeria – One of the summer’s biggest blockbusters — a sci-fi morality tale about aliens and apartheid — is not welcome in Nigeria because of its portrayal of Nigerians as gangsters and cannibals, Nigeria’s information minister said Saturday.

You could have got this news over a month ago from Kmareka’s movie review minister–

I was a little uncomfortable with ‘the Nigerians’ being so unrelievedly evil. Like it’s okay to stereotype as long as you sort your characters by nationality, not color. Or course, the bad guys were all pretty generic, whatever color they were.

I love science fiction but all this exploding stuff on screen gives me a headache. I think the original Star Trek did way more on a shoestring budget ideawise than the recent movie, although the Spock was really cute. I just watched ‘Brother From Another Planet’ and it wears well, makes me a little nostalgic for the 80’s, have to dust off my Talking Heads records.

It’s getting harder to find people you can put into a villain group without offending someone. Used to be ‘the Russians’ were always handy, but now they go to your church and you don’t want to start. The Nigerians don’t want to be the scary ethnics, and I wasn’t really happy with the gang of white guys who had all the acting range of a row of GI Joe dolls and clearly existed only to provide audience enjoyment by getting killed.

Special effects are great, but they need to put a little more money into scripts. Characters that have more than one side are more interesting to watch.

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