Antichrist Hall of Fame

Just a quick survey of famous men who are past or present contenders for the title of Antichrist. Is there supposed to be more than one Antichrist? I’m sure that biblical scholars or folks whose hobby is cherry-picking the KJV can enlighten me on that point.

Totally bad guys, like Hitler and Osama bin Laden are naturals for the role. That’s boring. Let’s look at men, (maleness is a prerequisite) who can be Antichristian while passing as regular folks, the better to deceive us.

In rough chronological order, a few of the likely suspects–

John F. Kennedy Some fear that he was up to something when he got himself assassinated.

Jimmy Carter He promoted peace in the Middle East, when we all know that nuclear war is in God’s plan.

Ronald Reagan Supernaturally charming–at least to some people, it was lost on me.

Mikhail Gorbachev He had that funny mark on his forehead, although if he used Rogaine it probably wouldn’t have showed.

Bill Clinton Nobody we knew voted for him and he won anyway.

Vladimir Putin He’s Russian. And he was able to fool President Bush with his soulful gaze.

George W. Bush Took 666 vacation days in his first 4 years.

John Paul II He was a Catholic. And he lived in Rome.

Pope Benedict He lives in Rome too.

John Mc Cain Saw that funny photo of him sticking out his tongue.

Barack Obama There is no other explanation for him winning the election.

This is just a little survey to put some perspective on the news that 30% of Republicans think that our current president may be the Beast of Revelations. If we don’t start getting rational, may God have mercy on us all.

8 thoughts on “Antichrist Hall of Fame

  1. Mr. Roach’s very interesting observation indicates that 42% of Hispanic folks believe Mr. Obama IS the antichrist. That may be because although the claim was made that Mr. Bush tool 666 vacation days in 4 years, a telling number with antichrist attributes, Mr. Obama has taken 666 vacation days in his first year in office, a really suggestive number.

  2. Don,(Wolberg)
    Oh you Republicans and your kooky “new math”, 666 hours? 666 minutes? perhaps, but… If W. is indeed the antichrist the end of days will be a walk in the park for the forces of good. I can see it now–the “mission accomplished” banner flying while a squadron of angels lays to waste Satan’s legions. During the chaos W. himself is hit by a bullet from behind and the “real/vice” antichrist Dick Cheney is left holding the smoking rifle. “I thought it was a Quayle, err quail”.

  3. Following Lou Dobbs, I maintain a fierce independence despite a lineage of raging Dems from grandparents who organized for FDR in every term, Give ’em Hell Harry Truman and All the Way with Adali. Parents loved JFK and even stuck with Lyndon, but saw through the peanut farmer from Georgia when he toured the Bronx. It is a shame that the easy labels fill the void of lack of independent thinking these days. Mr. Cheney may be an antichrist to some, and W, less than desired, but their defense of the nation was foremost and undenied. One must be concerned with the thin resume and lack of ability demonstrated by the current office holder, more involved in the botany of rotten Acorns, but lacking the sturdiness of a real oak. One must be as concerned with the retreat and abandonment from the Poles on the 70th aniversary fo the Soviet invasion, followed by the neosacrifice of the Czechs–is Chamberlain alive in D.C. these days?

  4. Their defense of the nation?

    Surely, you jest. 3,000 people died because Bush couldn’t bestir himself to end his vacation early.
    And the perp is still at large because Mr Bush outsourced the capture of UBL to some Afghan tribesmen

    More people died in LA because Bush couldn’t bestir himself to end his vacation early. But he did fly by and look out the window.

    And how many countless thousands have died in Iraq because Mr Bush wanted to be a ‘war president’?

    That is what you call defense? Wow. You have a pretty low bar there.

    As for thin resumes, GWB never held a real job that he got on his own. Never. 60 years old, and never got a job on his own.

    And Mr 6-deferrments Cheney, who had better things to do in the 60s than fight a war he claims to have supported.

    Wake up and smell the coffee already. You were bamboozled. They lied. They cheated. They tortured. Antchrist-schmantichrist, what they did was wrong!

    And there is no missle defense in Europe. W proposed a hypothetical something-or-other based on currently non-existent technology to take effect in 2017. Obama is planning to deploy current technology that has a modest track record, but that’s improving, and he’s going to deploy it by 2012.

    For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 5 years before GWB’s hypothetical.

    Did I mention that UBL is still out there?

  5. You’re all wrong! The real Antichrist is not a human being at all.

    The real Antichrist is the Bible itself! Written and compiled over many centuries, it makes no difference which version is read from, the results are always the same. The reader is seduced by the words of the Antichrist and not enlightened by the word of God.

    Used by popes, king and scoundrels over the centuries to justify sinful acts against their fellow man for material gain, this is the evidence that proves the Bible is indeed the Antichrist, and seduces all who read it into turning their heads away from the one true God.

    Religious leaders have been lying to us for thousands of years. They all tell us in order to find God, we must follow them and only them. Yet they themselves don’t know the way, so how can anyone expect them to lean anyone on the right path.

    The truth is, God cannot be found without, one must look within. God is always with us because God dwells in the hearts of all people. Still the mind and open the heart and God and one can indeed commune with God without the help of any religious leader lost in the wilderness or without the help of any dogmatic religion, especially a Christian religion.

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