Satin Rules

That was spray-painted on the side of the CVS ages ago, but I’ve always wondered what it meant. Maybe it was just some RISD apparel design major who was overwhelmed by the fabulousness of the textiles and needed to tell the world.

Nah, it was just some Satanist who bunked English class. has another mystery message–a lawn sign that reads, ‘Obama is the Anti-Chist’. Readers ponder the meaning– what is a ‘chist’? Okay, we all know that it’s a religious message painted by another believer in the world unseen who can’t spell.

A lot of crazy is coming out, and worse stuff than spray painted signs. Belief in things unseen can move people to great acts of charity. But not far from here these beliefs moved a Christian community to hang 19 of their own innocent neighbors, in Salem, Mass.

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