Anti-Chist Wins Nobel

In an earlier post, ‘Satin Rules’ I poked a little fun at believers and blasphemers who skipped English class– and have trouble getting their message across.

But I went to a Pentecostal church for three years and I knew as soon as I heard it– those who believe that President Obama is the Anti-Chist Anti-Christ will be percolating and prophesying and jumping up and down like popcorn.

Their reasoning is convoluted, and exhausting to explain, but the condensed version is this– if Obama does badly and fails it’s ‘cause he’s evil. If he succeeds, especially in areas of peace and social justice, that’s further proof that he’s evil– just cleverly hiding his evil agenda.

It’s kind of like a coin toss– heads I win, tails you lose.

It gives me a headache trying to explain it, so I’ll link to Meg White at Buzzflash blog, who had the patience to unravel the ball of wool that passes for thinking among the believers.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Chist Wins Nobel

  1. The Nobel peace prize has actually had several other “anti-Christ” candidates, better suited to the role than Mr. Obama. These included the corrupt terrorist with the Paris apartment, Yassir Arafat, who the late John Beloshi played so well on the early SNL series. The other was the character of doom and gloom and global roasting even though we are getting colder, and who seems to have received “D” grades and an “F” in college science, Mr. Al Gore. The third of course is the very peculiar born again, “lused in my heart when I looked at a Playboy magazine,” none other than Mr. Carter, with the main claim to fame as the worst U.S. President and his brother’s Billie Beer, and Billie’s deal with Kadafi in Libya. Mr. Obama is certainly not the anti-Christ, although that would be one accomplishment on an empty CV, but he is well on his way to dethroning Mr. Carter as the worst President in modern times.

    Now if Rush has won the Nobel, and if he can buy the football team, that would prove HE is the true anti-Christ.

  2. Worst US president?

    GW Bush didn’t get the Nobel Prize.

    Much of what Reagan “accomplished” on the domestic front was the continuation of Carter’s policies.

    Can anyone say “Paul Volcker”?

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