Author Smackdown–Margaret Atwood v. Ursula LeGuin

Okay, not exactly the WWF. But LeGuin has some provocative takes on what constitutes science fiction.

Actually, these two distinguished and prescient authors have nothing but good to say about each other. I just chose an inflammatory headline because I’m looking for attention. Visit our site. Often.


4 thoughts on “Author Smackdown–Margaret Atwood v. Ursula LeGuin

  1. Oryx and Crake was a fascinating book, which portrays an incredible unfolding of the current dance between big pharma and government. It’s hard to imagine a world even more bleak, and yet I will grant Margaret Atwood’s assertion that the things she describes could indeed happen.

    I’m intrigued by the music compositions that accompany the book, snippets of which you can listen to here:

    They seem more spoofy to me than anything, finger-picking folk guitar songs with words like “DNA” and “primates” — but, hey, it could happen.

  2. Hi…
    Ok, I’ll confess you got me with the headline. But perhaps you undersell your perceptiveness — there really is a devastating (though genteel and implicit) smackdown in LeGuin’s opening grafs.

    There are not a few sf writers who are bored to tears by mainstreamers who protest endlessly that they write magic realism or literary fiction or, well, whatever. I can greatly respect Atwood as a writer — which I do, and which LeGuin clearly does — and still scratch my head over her position.

    Five bucks on LeGuin in this steel cage match.


  3. I bought a hardcover book only because it had LeGuin’s short story, ‘The New Atlantis’. It was written in the 1970’s and still resonates now.
    I’m reading ‘The Year of the Flood’. What a frightening dystopia. With a Blackwater-like private security militia called the CorpsSeCorps.

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