Doctors Hooked on Coke

Should I have said, ‘hooked by Coke’?

CHICAGO – Advice about soft drinks and health from one of the nation’s largest doctors groups will soon be brought to you by Coke.

The American Academy of Family Physicians has prompted outcry and lost members over its new six-figure alliance with the Coca-Cola Co. The deal will fund educational materials about soft drinks for the academy’s consumer health and wellness Web site,

There’s no lobby for water out of the faucet. Too bad, because that’s a public health measure and a public good. It’s the kind of social responsibility that is disparaged as socialism and a tax burden. Corporations– Coca-Cola included– have made good progress in getting us to buy bottled water (they own Dasani). That’s probably what they’re selling here. Nobody spends six figures for nothing.

There’s not much worry for Coca-Cola in a bunch of doctors saying to drink less soda– no one listens to that. In the sidebar, the ads for water and vitamin drinks will pay off big. They will gain a kind of legitimacy from being on a doctor’s site.

As far as soda– Yacht Club in North Providence is the best. Buy local.


One thought on “Doctors Hooked on Coke

  1. Cool, it’s kind of like — “A Message from your Doctor: Don’t Drink Coke! Sponsored by Coca Cola, Have a Coke and a Smile!”

    Then again, if you read the whole article, it’s clear that Coke is just another in a long list of corporate sponsors. Presumably, it gets them more money for their research, although I imagine a lot of this money is siphoned off into higher salaries for the organization’s administrators and other perks.

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