Attack of the Blob

It’s been said that the Earth will do just fine, no matter what imbalances the six billion of us inflict on her. The Earth will adjust, but we may not.

A reporter on NPR was talking to some fishermen in Japan, who have had to learn to cope with huge harvests of jellyfish and dwindling catch of anything else. The recipe for making the blobs edible involved laborious soaking and drying, using many changes of fresh water–a resource not unlimited. The end product looked like dried skin and smelled like old cheese. Get used to it…

KOKONOGI, Japan – A blood-orange blob the size of a small refrigerator emerged from the dark waters, its venomous tentacles trapped in a fishing net. Within minutes, hundreds more were being hauled up, a pulsating mass crowding out the catch of mackerel and sea bass.

The fishermen leaned into the nets, grunting and grumbling as they tossed the translucent jellyfish back into the bay, giants weighing up to 200 kilograms (450 pounds), marine invaders that are putting the men’s livelihoods at risk.

An earlier post on the same topic is here. But what can I say? Nothing spoils a day at the beach like a carpet of jellyfish washed up by the tide. Earth will adapt to warmer, dirtier oceans. The people who live off the land and the sea will be the first to call the alarm. I think fish is going to be a luxury food when our children are our age.

It’s not just the seas. The land is getting warmer. Corn crops fail when it gets too hot. Time to look for alternatives.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Blob

  1. Some say its global warming… could be. Fishermen don’t lose hope, take this as just one of the challenges in life. Nothing happens if you give up fishing. We can think of something to overcome this obstacle. Just don’t give up!

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