Double Down on McAsian Carp

This Sunday’s New York Times has an article about how we are extincting Bluefin Tuna because we love it to death. We’re eating them all. The BP oil disaster may be the final blow.

At the same time, we have a problem in the Great Lakes with Asian Carp invading the ecosystem and multiplying out of control.

I’m sure you see where this is going.

So I’m posting a link to Asian Carp recipes here. They are good in coconut milk with lemon grass, but what isn’t?

One reason carp have been able to multiply uncaught is their reputation as bottom-feeders. Northerners who think nothing of eating raw clams from the bay won’t touch them, but a defense of carp is found here.

You have to be careful with fish from lakes, because sadly our lakes are polluted and some fish concentrate toxins like mercury. Mashapaug Pond is closed to fishing and swimming due to a century of pollution from Gorham Silver and other sources. Stay away from the water unless you want to turn blue and glow in the dark.

Fortunately, I was able to find a study of the Asian Carp, which seems to show that the fish are not any worse than other fish you can pull out of the Great Lakes. You can’t eat a lot of it, but you can eat it. Since toxins concentrate more in the skin, there might be ways to cook it that minimize the risk.

Would Asian Carp make a good fillet o’ fish sandwich? With the grease and the special sauce, who’d notice? In Japan they are having to learn to like the taste of dried jellyfish. So carp is better.

As a species, we are never going to stop being voracious. We just have to learn to use our appetite as a force for good. This is likely to be easier than curbing our appetite for cheap fuel, that is rapidly becoming terribly costly.


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