Mackerel is the New Salmon?

Well, you won’t see canned mackerel on the menu at the finer restaurants, and kids won’t eat it. On the other hand, it’s cheap, safe, full of omega-3’s, and not as ecologically costly to harvest as swordfish and tuna.

A lot of my friends and neighbors are facing real hard times. I’m just having to cut back a little. I’m falling back on coping techniques from the 70’s and 80’s, which makes me feel youthful, kind of.

You have to be in a fairly high level of privilege to gain time when you lose income. You have to have a pretty good stock of reserve to be able to simplify your life. More commonly underemployment is a time of high anxiety and insecurity, and many Rhode Islanders are suffering in this economy.

Time is wealth. How to use it honorably is a nice problem to have, but a problem.

America is famous for short vacations and a driven, acquisitive culture. If you are able to jump off for an hour, a day, a year… what do you do?

An economy founded on consumption cannot endure. What will zero growth feel like?

Again, I’m ready to duck flaming balls of indignation because so many are working three jobs just to get by. But human beings need to do nothing sometimes to keep sane. That’s the point of the Sabbath, which is a wise and humane custom that continues to exist as the ‘weekend’.

Just some restless thoughts from a visiting nurse whose car is in the shop and is enjoying a down day with some discomfort.

AND ANOTHER THING: John Boehner suggests raising the social security age to 70 and cutting benefits in order to finance our foreign wars. I think that idea has merit. If a war isn’t worth some pain and suffering in the general population at home, it’s not worth the life of even one of our ‘volunteer troops’, or one of the uncounted civilians who are called ‘collateral damage’. Better yet, we don’t allow our leaders to make war unless our survival is threatened and every alternative has been tried.


2 thoughts on “Mackerel is the New Salmon?

  1. Try skate wings if you can find them.No bones and no shortages.fry them in a healthy oil with a little breading.Totally non-“fishy”.Cheap too.
    There is one kind of mackerel that is really high in mercury-i think it’s the king variety.
    Jack mackerel is much safer.BTW,ever check the salt content on canned mackerel?
    Fresh keta salmon is also good-not endangered,and only wild caught,but it’s seasonal here-when it’s available it’s a fraction of the cost of other salmon.
    It is a little drier and has a milder flavor than other salmon.

  2. Serendipitous comment I made-keta salmon was on sale at Dave’s Marketplace in Smithfield today for $6.99/lb-probably half the “sale” price at Whole Foods.
    Fresh caught,wild,not previously frozen.
    Pretty good baked with lemon juice and dill.

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