Local Entrepreneur

Ava Anderson uses these cosmetics and she looks great. Absolutely flawless. Of course she’s fifteen years old.

But I’m willing to be test subject for how well it works on a fifteen year old with forty years of experience. Natural, locally produced cosmetics could be a good buy. Good luck to all the Rhode Islanders, young and old, who are starting small businesses in the New Year.


5 thoughts on “Local Entrepreneur

  1. Well, some of it is being psychic, and some of it is being so cool we are ahead of the MSM.
    ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m in control’.

  2. I am thrilled that Ava is receiving some great local press! Recently she received a call from a major glam magazine and hopefully this will be just as positive as Projo’s article which alerts folks to the important health message. This is about a lifestyle choice and having options which Ava’s products are committed and the first of it’s kind to contain an ALL ZERO toxins designation.

    I found it sad that the Projo online had to close their commentary because of the negative smear on a 15 year old, Ava Anderson. Those that chose to smear were poking NOT at the product, rather at the wealth behind the “Mom and daughter team”. This is infantile and case in point of wealthy families that have continued to help society in many ways which the Anderson family has done for decades similar to the Kennedy’s, The Feinstein Foundation and how many countless athlete’s/celebrities etc. have gone to invent, write a book or give another great gift to man??? Why are those any less of an accomplishment. The Anderson’s most recent action was dedicating an Emergency Room to one of Rhode Island’s major hospitals. I obviously can think of no greater gift than what they are doing and I have banked my previous knowledge and ability on their company and the success to teach others and give us this opportunity to eliminate the straw that could break the camels back and have my next diagnosis of skin cancer be worse than the last…as I fry my skin, my children’s skin with carcinogenic toxic ingredients.

    If anyone is interested in having a toxic party I will educate you and your family members when they bring in one product each (shampoo, soap, child’s bubble bath) and in one hour help you make better choices. This means buying products with a lower designation on the toxic scale or looking at my products. I am here to help people stop sabotaging their efforts to work out, eat right and buy products for their families that they feel are keeping them safe … when, in fact they are not. The deceit is just hidden in the words. http://www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/suzannearena

  3. I just started looking at the comments to ProJo stories and I’m sorry to see how many people use them as an excuse to say nasty things about fellow Rhode Isanders. They say worse things about poor people if a crime happens on a particular street.
    I went face to face with a number of Tea Party activists at the health care Town Halls, and they were very clear that some people were just going to have to do without, because we are too small and limited to provide decent health care to everyone. Anyone who was without insurance must have made ‘bad choices’.
    But let’s get to the main issue. Does Ava’s cream make wrinkles go away?

  4. Only going under the knife will truly remove wrinkles.

    However, any good hydrating moisturizer will help diminish wrinkles and lessen the creases ~ and the only difference with Ava’s products is they are not adding the harmful fillers. Sorry, but that is the bare facts…believe me at 45 I would like a little less creasing too!

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