Encouraging Wrongdoing

Following up on the vandalized clothing story previously posted, Whole Foods fired an employee who took a tuna sandwich that was destined for the trash with the intention of eating it.

If we stopped rewarding big business with convenient tax exemptions for waste and destruction we’d have less in the landfill and more in our food banks. If Whole Foods had a union there would be someone to advocate for that fifty-eight year old man who has lost his job and will not be able to collect unemployment.

We pay for the food, we pay for the tax breaks to big business, we pay for the landfill as a public service, and we pay for what’s left of the safety net for unemployed workers. Pretty sweet deal.

I’ll keep on shopping at my smaller, local stores. They may have managed not to have their humanity entirely absorbed by The Borg.

CALL FOR INFORMATION: Does anyone remember a news story, back in the pre-internet days, about a man who worked at a town dump, and was fired for taking a pair of children’s shoes from the trash pile, because they were new and he didn’t have enough money to buy a Christmas present for his grandchild? I remember that but can’t find it.

May all corporate running dogs get fleas.

Courtney Sullivan at Feministing also wrote about this and posted a link to the NYT on companies that donate their unsold clothing to homeless shelters. Link here. Shop there.

One thought on “Encouraging Wrongdoing

  1. I thought one of the benefits of working at the dump was you got to pick thru the garbage. Ditto for working in a food store — why not allow the employees to have soon-to-be-expired food, instead of throwing it out?

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