Debit v. Credit

I generally use my debit card at the stores and the grocery, and avoid doing credit because it’s too easy to lose track, and the interest is outrageous. Besides, the Bible forbids usury, and who are we to set the poor bankers on the path to sin?

This links to a post that says that credit cards are squeezing not only the buyers but the sellers, and suggests using debit only. I’m considering just doing cash. There’s a reality check that kicks in when I have to see in greenbacks what I’m frittering away.

2 thoughts on “Debit v. Credit

  1. Credit cards are a deadly sin. Remember that. They are only one step up from payday loans.
    When debit cards become too popular, they will come up with extra fees.
    Count on it.

  2. Also, check out Bill Moyers Journal (while it still exists). The last episode had MotherJones contributers as guests, discussing Wall Street’s ownership of our government.
    They had some revealing comments about debit cards, like you could be charged 10,000% on an overdraft.

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