3 thoughts on “Crying in Their Tea

  1. NN:

    If what you mean by “Cranston charm” is “taxing the people to death and lying about it,” then, yes, you’re right.

    There’s also this angle: Tax and fee hikes are going to be unavoidable this upcoming year — the General Assembly is already well on the way to imposing “revenue enhancement measures.” Since that’s about the extent of Laffey’s big plan, he’s got no way to distinguish himself.

    Looked at another way, the GA has already cut the budget (something Laffey is unfamiliar with, but likes to claim he understands) to the point that the cities and towns are in an uproar. So he can’t really call for more reductions in local aid — already been done.

    Really, though, I think the truth of the matter is that Stevie is claiming his mother’s home as his residence, and simply couldn’t be seen running for governor from Mommy’s house.

  2. Jesse, I typically have agreed with you. I will say I think Laffey is “(YOU FILL IN)”, and although I can’t stand his ethics and personality, I will say ….I would vote for him with the current cast of characters because I think he will do what it takes to turn the state economically around. Will he wheel and deal to get it done and cut back and fight with the Unions – YES. Will he tax more, perhaps – – just maybe however, he will stop the bottom fish feeding by the illegals and restructure some of the welfare handouts etc. Lastly, I think he needs to feed his ego which drives him so…and… in the end he can feel really good when he’s running around the place to the song of Risky Business in those Harvard Boxer Briefs – LOL!

  3. Suzanne, I respectfully disagree with you on one fundamental point.

    Steve Laffey doesn’t give a rat’s *$$ about Cranston, RI, or anything other than Steve Laffey.

    Everything he did here was a pose for the media attention. He has no principles, no morals, and no integrity. He would do whatever he thought would get him the most favorable publicity. He doesn’t have the guts–or the principles–to fight anyone.

    At the outset of his Senate campaign, he simultaneously was the darling of the Club for Growth and took a position on–I forget–that was actually to the Left of Hillary Clinton.

    That takes a real lack of spine to twist yourself into that kind of pretzel.

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