What Happened?

This week I did some phone banking for Martha Coakley and ran into some Unitarian and progressive friends at the union hall. I didn’t expect such a high level of motivation and spirit, and I thought maybe the results of the election would belie the polls, but the voters have spoken and Massachusetts will have Senator Brown.

Washington Monthly has some analysis of the campaign strategy that worked against Coakley’s run.

5 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. From our outside vantage point, there really was nothing unexpected in the Brown victory. Ms Coakley seems like a very intelligent person, no less capable than Mr. Brown. The rather awful way for her own party to depict her as something less that capable is just one more indication of the difficulties the Democratic Party faces. They seem not to understand that the election was more about the message than the messenger, and the message is simply that the Democrats are rudderless, leaderless and way off into waters into which the vast majority of American wish not to venture. Mr. Brown is after all a moderate but independent and his message was a moderate message. The failures of the election are found in Washington in a Democrat controlled Congress and Whitehouse. The failures of Congress and the abject failures of Mr. Obama lost the confidence of voters. That same scenario is playing out throughout the Nation. The Brown/Coakley cmapaign is but the beginning.

  2. Good point about leadership.

    The GOP takes its orders from Rush Limbaugh.

    That keeps them on track, but it’s the Highway to Hell. For most of the country, that is. The wealthy and the connected are doing just fine.

    We had six years of Republican rule. We got two wars, falling household income (first time), and the worst financial crisis since the Depression. All the direct result of Republican leadership, as dictated by Limbaugh.

    The Democrats’ biggest problem is that–just like after St Ronnie & GHWB–they’re left to clean up the mess. It’s taking time, and people are wrongfully blaming Obama because he couldn’t undo the damage in one year that Republicans had wreaked for 8 years.

    Plus, the Republicans have no interest in governing, or trying to solve the problems they created. Instead, their only goal is to undermine anything Obama tries to do to clean up their mess. The GOP’s only tactic is to obstruct.

    59 votes in the Senate was enough for the first 220(give or take) years of this country. Not any more, because the GOP insists on using the non-constitutional filibuster on every single motion that the Dems try to carry. They had absolutely no positive input into health care. They refused to support bills that had provisions they had originated.

    Yes, the GOP has strong leadership. Fine. Except they’ve led us over the cliff, and they refuse to lift a finger to get us back on track.

    They simply put their own partisan interests ahead of the good of the country. And the corporate-owned MSM simply repeats GOP talking points as if they were carved in stone.

    That kind of leadership we don’t need.

  3. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have”

    President Gerald Ford—- August 12, 1974 address to the joint session of Congress

  4. Ghost, I’m with you on keeping it small. But when some individuals are able to collect so much wealth that they can stifle competition in the public discourse and in free enterprise we need a balancing power. I still believe in democracy. I don’t want to live in a theocracy, an oligarchy, or a gated community run by a corporation.

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