Vampires Must be Invited

They say that vampires can’t enter your house unless they’re invited. In fact, from Dracula on, the creepy thrill of vampires is their seduction.

I’m stealing a few minutes before a heavy work day, so this will be a little fragmented. The TV is off, the warm insinuating voices of the commercials, which now comprise most of what comes over on the cable service I pay for, are blocked until my husband wakes up and invites them in.

The Supreme Court has decided that corporations are persons with a right to free speech. You, citizen, can stand on a soapbox and shout. The corporation, like a vampire, is kind of a person but different. Like a vampire, it’s got superpowers. In the realm of free speech, the Supremes have decided that you on your soapbox and the corporation with its wealth and network of brand names are equal. So go ahead and do your door to door canvassing. It’s all good.

There’s no way not to invite them in. Every big name owns hundreds of smaller names and you need a detective to find out who really owns who. It’s no secret they own our politicians. Now they have an invitation to own the debate.

A while ago I stopped shopping at Whole Foods. I wasn’t going to freeze my garbanzos holding a sign at the State House for health care reform and then give money to a corporation whose CEO opposed it. Although they’ve removed him from that prominent post, I doubt anything’s changed.

Anyway, I accepted a little inconvenience and started shopping more locally. That has worked out so well I won’t go back. Today, starts the first in a series highlighting small and local businesses as alternatives to the corporations that will now be able to stamp their logos on our candidates openly. Resist inviting the vampires in as an exercise to your skepticism and democratic spirit, because they’ll be out in force by Halloween.

Today’s local business is Yacht Club Soda. Located in North Providence, founded in 1915 and still going strong, Yacht Club uses Rhode Island natural spring water and glass bottles which they sterilize and re-use. This was industry-wide practice before cheap plastic as old-timers might recall. Back when the product had more value than the package. I expect to see a number of candidates brought to us by Coca-Cola. Since the corporations have solidified the right to act as persons ( incredibly powerful and rich aggregate persons with superpowers), I’ll treat them as persons who get on my nerves.
Since they’ve got the Supremes to buy into the philosophy that money is a form of speech, I’ll be mindful of who I give my dollar to.

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