The Morning After

I’m not going to snark at two nineteen-year-old unmarried parents. The teenagers should be in college or finding their way in life in work or adventure. The baby is real, and deserves parents who are able to care for him.

But these particular teenage parents are supposed to be a national model for whatever spin Sarah Palin’s fans put on the whole situation. Honestly, I get so confused between their abstinence message and the glory of teenage parenthood that I just have to tune it out.

Last time I went to buy groceries, Sarah and Bristol were on the cover of some mag with a headline about how they ‘chose life’. They represent the best possible conditions for being able to support children– rich, large family, huge fan club. In spite of that, money is short, and Bristol is suing for child support.

Paging Social Work Consult! Get someone with sense to mediate this situation. Both Bristol and Levi have had more cash thrown at them in a year than most people see in twenty.

‘Choose life’ is a great slogan. Parenthood is not so uplifting. It’s a commitment that is lived every day, always. Fights about money when the child is small are nothing compared to the challenges ahead. If the Palin family is able to set an example, let them work this one out with some dignity.

Other American families are facing the same challenges, without wealth or fame.

3 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. If they were anyone else they would be left to figure out the situation on their own. But they are not. I suggest that the much maligned Governor Palin, actually a genius compared to Vice President Biden (with parenting challenges of his own), or Mr. Gore (with amazingly pathetic science grades in college), or Mr. Quayle (“a mind is a terrible thing to lose”) has unfortunately seen her prominence spill over to her family and now grandchild. In actuality, these difficulties show that the Palin family is more like all of us, than the political nobility that dominates politics. At least the Palins don’t need to explain the failures of the Kennedy clan with deaths, and drunkenness, and much bad behavior. Why bother the Palin kids? Their growing up seems to have been as difficult as that that many teenagers confront.

  2. Well, running on ‘family values’ does leave you open to questions about your own family.
    I think teenagers are still growing up, and you can’t expect mature judgment. But when there’s that much money in their hands, it’s a shame they can’t bank some for their kid, or at least stay out of court.
    Meanwhile, ordinary teenagers who become parents have to get by on their own, and get nothing but blame for their troubles.

  3. Sarah Palin has no family values because she didn’t teach her daughter abstinence while she was only 15 years old and a teenager. then she said the Levi Johnson was to wed her daughter when she was running the GOP circuit for VP and when she lost that election she more or less kicked out Levi Johnson out and lately she and her daughter are trying to get sole custody of the baby. These are the same people that want to control everyone’s thinking and doing and are the soccer moms driving the SUV’s and living the good olde life above the rest of society and treat everyone else like they were the scum of the earth. They do not send there children off to war to protect our country and they look down at the soldier, sailor, marine and airman that serve in the Armed Forces and will give his/her life for this country and make it safe to live in. THey even have a bigger disdain for the wounded warrior when he comes home from war all traumatized from his wounds be it PTSD and or wounds when he asks for a little help after what he has gone thru. Apparently when these people have never been in a war zone they don’t know what a serviceman or woman has seen and had to do for there country or experienced is more than most of society could handle and bear.

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