Me Vida Local

Okay, terrible name for a column, but it’s been a tough week and my brain is fried.

I’m thinking of how the radical wing of the Republican party wanted to ‘starve the beast’ so that the government wouldn’t get in the way of corporations and organized religious groups. Pretty good job they’ve done of it. Disparaged the process and undermined participation so that most of us don’t bother to vote. Not that the Democrats are blameless. ‘Lesser of two evils’ is getting pretty old. And now the Supremes have declared that corporations are people just like us, with first amendment rights. They already decided that money is a form of speech. Kind of reminds me of the New Age saying, ‘money is just a form of energy’.

We corporeal beings who have limited energy after spending all our money on bills don’t have much of a voice v.s. the landslide of free speaking dollars about to pour into the electoral process. And we can’t stop giving money to big corporations, they are too diverse and ubiquitous. We can’t give them much more than a flea bite.

But I’m not giving up. Fleas can be a real nuisance when there are enough of them.

Me Vida Local will be an occasional post about local alternatives to big business.

Today I’m featuring Stamp Farms in Johnston because I drove by it while visiting a patient and it was open and I needed eggs. Yep. They have eggs.

You can go to the supermarket and pay big bucks for organic, free-range eggs laid by hens that do yoga and get group therapy, that range for miles every day before returning in flocks on their powerful wings to their climate-controlled coop. But you don’t have to.

Stamp Farms eggs are laid by Rhode Island hens on an actual farm and they’re cheap and just as good. I went in and guys were rinsing eggs on a conveyor belt and sorting them into wire baskets. I passed a couple of other farms on Greenville Ave., they probably have pretty good eggs too.

But, no offense, no one goes to Johnston. It’s remote. You can buy Stamp Farm eggs at the East Side Prescription Center on Hope St. in Providence. Natural, organic, local and cheap.

And in anti-corporate mode, East Side Prescription is one of Rhode Island’s last remaining independent pharmacies. Most of the rest were bought up by the chains.

Some blog accused a prominent national pizza chain of selling tomato stained manila envelopes. I don’t know about that. Manila envelopes have fiber, and the glue has a taste you could get used to. Anyway, Rhode Island has so many great pizza places competing for our pizza dollar it’s amazing that anyone would need to resort to foamy white bread with red paste on it.

Me Vida Local List–
Stamp Egg Farms
East Side Prescription Center
Yacht Club Soda

2 thoughts on “Me Vida Local

  1. I like this “Me Vida Local” thing! We can definitely benefit from knowing about local businesses. It would be great if Stamp Egg Farms could get their eggs into more locations, I would love to buy them.

  2. They are listed at Foodworks in Smithfield also. They may be available at other markets, I’ll keep an eye out. I passed a couple of other small farms driving from Johnston through North Providence, so when I go shopping I’ll be our investigative egg reporter, searching for good local chicken farms to buy from.

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