Playing With Fire

Cable Car Cinema is showing the documentary, ‘Waiting for Armageddon’. Check their website for showtimes.

If you didn’t have enough to be anxious about, for years American evangelicals have been touring the Holy Land, visiting the Muslim holy site, the Dome of the Rock, and making provocative statements about leveling the Dome in order to clear the site for a new Temple. The people in the film weren’t likely to act out– just likely to nudge someone more violent to start something.

It’s one of history’s tragedies that a place sacred to three religions has so seldom seen peace.

The film gives a window into the world of American churchgoers whose best hope is the end of the world. A strange way to live, and I speak from experience as an ex-fundamentalist.

Featured is an interview with Gershom Gorenberg, whose book, ‘The End of Days’ is a basic resource for anyone who wants to know about the intersection of religion and politics in the careers of men like Pat Robertson and James Hagee.

It’s scary stuff, all those nice people who long for the agonizing deaths of millions. It’s scary to see so many politicians ask for their blessings. ‘Waiting for Armageddon’ runs through Thursday.

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