Just Wave From a Distance

Am I the only one who reads the tabloids in the supermarket line? I haven’t read the scholarly, in-depth analysis yet, but I seen the cover.

Octomom, wearing a bikini, posing with a come-hither look.

I would think any guy would want to go-thither, real fast. Some women are just scary.


One thought on “Just Wave From a Distance

  1. Nancy, I read tabloids in supermarket lines, too!

    Did J. tell you about the lovely conversation we had walking up and down Hope Street on Tuesday? I think it was Tuesday. We covered the following topics: the offspring, the in-laws, basketball, Curt Flood, Pete Rose, PC Friars’ basketball, one or two mutual friends…his sense of being neglected (this is blog related)…

    Maybe John Edwards will be interested in Nadya.

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