Snow Squall

I went to the Post Office, and saw one flake drift slowly down. On my way back I thought the wind had kicked up a load of dust. It was instant, like driving through a curtain. One side clear, the other side was solid snow.

I’ve lived here all my life but never saw weather quite like that. The snow must have been wet, it fell like a penny from the Empire State Building. It formed a fog. Visibility was half a block or less. Everything turned white in a second. Luckily I was driving at low speed.

Outside of the car, it wasn’t that cold, but kind of like being sprinkled with sugar by a Mighty Baker.

The news said we were having snow squalls. Did you see it?


2 thoughts on “Snow Squall

  1. My 4 year old daughter said, “Look Mom, it’s snowing triple!” This was in the afternoon. Then in the evening there was another, much colder one. I was sitting in a session listening to my client and all of a sudden I looked out the window and there was a blizzard. Driving home the roads were quite icy.

  2. I had a similar experience driving home from work yesterday in Western Massachusetts. One moment, it was merely overcast. The next, snow was whipping around, and visibility had been reduced exponentially. The change was sudden and intense. Nature takes pains to remind us that we are not her masters but her humble servants. The folks in Haiti know this all too well.

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