Self Indulgence With Me Vida Local

Was it deliberate, or was it a happy accident that United BBQ opened across the street from the Silver Star Bakery?

Almost Heaven

Now with a short ride down Ives Street you can get barbecue and all the sides, collards, mac and cheese, and home-made potato chips. Then step across the street for pastry so pretty it’s almost a shame to eat it, but so reasonable you’ll buy two to share.

I love United, too, because they make a vegan barbecue sandwich that’s so good you don’t miss the meat.

Hot and Sweet

Nothing against a box of Fanny Farmer and a Hallmark card, but I know what I’m getting for Valentine’s day.

As part of an ongoing post about local alternatives to the big chains (they know who they are), I’m running a list of great places to shop. These are all fresh, local and real Rhode Island small businesses. I’m just a little off on corporations, since the Supremes declared they are persons with a right to free speech. I’m not going to contribute to their political action fund anymore than I can help. It’s only pennies and I’m nobody, but our small business owners deserve our support.

Me Vida Local List–
Silver Star Bakery
United BBQ
Stamp Egg Farms
East Side Prescription Center
Yacht Club Soda
Mangiarelli’s Fruitlands
Four Mile River Farm


One thought on “Self Indulgence With Me Vida Local

  1. Sounds like a fine plan for a yummy time on Valentine’s Day. Speaking of local talent, I listened to “Venus Sings” this morning on wriu ( — Reza Clifton does this show and plays all music by women from around the world. Today’s theme was “Celebrate and Curse Valentine’s Day all in one show.” Great stuff!

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