A Valentine from Ninjanurse–

Get me a cool cloth for my forehead, and clutch my pearls for me while you’re at it. I saw on the nets that K.D.Lang sang Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Hallelulia’ at the Olympics opening ceremony. I wonder if any Canadian snow survived unmelted.

I heard an interview with Leonard Cohen by Terry Gross on NPR some time ago. He went to a Zen monastery so he could do nothing for a while. Brave man. Nothing is the hardest thing to do. I heard a little bit of ‘Hallelulia’ then.

Pam’s House Blend posted K.D.Lang’s performance at a recent concert. I love K.D.Lang. I heard ‘Constant Craving’ about ten years ago at a women’s martial arts conference performed with kata, so I think I’ve got the drift.

But I’m basically visual, and I really take it in when I read it. I looked up the lyrics.

Damn, that man can write.

Here’s YouTube with the Great Man himself and some big-haired blond women giving it some Holiness.

And K.D. Lang with Constant Craving. She sings Hallelulia wonderfully, but I like this better.

4 thoughts on “Hallelulia

  1. To give credit where credit is due, the outstanding backup singers on that YouTube video are Julie Christensen (on the viewer’s far left) & Perla Batalla (nearest Leonard Cohen), both of whom also have successful careers as solo artists

  2. Thanks for the link to KD and Constant Craving. She has the most beautiful voice ever. I saw her in concert and she blew me away. I was looking for comments on her performance of “Hallelulia”at the Olympics. Awesome. She takes my spirit away.

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