Saving the Bay

I went to the Save the Bay film festival tonight at the Avon. I don’t have my writing hat on, so just a few scattered impressions–

The theater was about 3/4 full, best turnout I’ve seen there for a long time.
There was a short film about Save the Bay seal watch cruises. I never knew there were seals in Narragansett Bay, but there are and they’re big.
I was in the company of two meteorologists, which is a scientific expertise I admire. It’s a full moon and I wonder if just once March will go out like a lamb.
All those low-resolution shots of people hiking made me want to get outside as soon as it’s bearable.
The most memorable entry was an animated short called, ‘The Power of Poop’. I’ll past a link here…

2 thoughts on “Saving the Bay

  1. That video was a gas! (I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.) Now, if someone could just figure out a way to harness the metaphorical methane that emanates from all the crap in Washington…

  2. I agree with David.
    I recall seeing seals on after work in Boston in the City waters and thought it was pretty amazing. That’s definately a good sign.

    In European countries they utilize a lot more natural gas than we do and I believe there is definitely a lot more crap here than there – LOL!

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