6 thoughts on “March

  1. We need to get out! Had a computer crisis last night where I was attacked by viruses and spyware, had to recover the computer.

    I tried to access online support through support.com, which provides support for AVG, my security service. It was awful!!! Never use them! They made me pay money up front and then I sat online for over an hour last night, never got any help. I fixed the problem myself this morning, then tried calling them to cancel since I never got any service, and I was put in voice mail cue repeatedly for 30-45 minutes. Then when I got through to someone they said they couldn’t cancel my subscription and had to transfer me to a supervisor and then I was put on hold again for 30 minutes. I still have not been able to cancel.

    1. Thanks, I think we are out of the woods and I did finally get a refund from support.com, but I still do not recommend their services. What a tremendous hassle that was totally unnecessary.

      1. Also, for what it’s worth, I was on Facebook when the virus and spyware struck my computer. It was called “Security Tool” and totally took over, preventing me from accessing “add and remove programs” or my mail server. I’m sorry to say that Facebook is now sullied and I am no hurry to go back there and take another chance at getting a virus.

  2. Wow, I was just starting to figure out how to use it. Thanks for the heads up.
    Was that one of those things that shows you a window and starts loading itself immediately? I’ve used ‘control,alt,delete’ on things like that to just shut everything down. I used to have Kaspersky antivirus but haven’t updated it, maybe I should.

  3. Yes, a pop-up appeared and started loading, which doesn’t usually happen as I have pop-up blocker, but they have sneaky ways apparently of getting thru. I tried to stop it but it was too late.

    I updated all my security and now it seems like things are safer, although it has slowed down my computer with some windows asking whether I want to proceed. Bottom line is that computers are incredibly powerful tools, but also very vulnerable. Seems like about once a year I have some kind of big problem with them.

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