Right to Counsel

Very busy lately, and I only have time to indulge my news fix by listening to WRNI 1290AM on my car radio.

Anyway, I heard some woman who is famous for being related to a politician, Liz Cheney, questioning the efficiency of a system that supplies lawyers to accused persons. Apparently targeting the lawyers for doing their job.

It’s Spring and not Autumn, but still a good time to invite a few ghosts to comment. Nineteen innocent people were hanged by their neighbors in the suburbs surrounding Salem, Massachusetts. They were convicted in special courts, because their society was facing a terroristic threat that was beyond what the usual legal process could handle. Although this happened three hundred years ago, human nature doesn’t change. The fear of infiltration, the ministers who rode the hysteria to fame and fortune, the rage and then the remorse; this all lives in our history. We can learn from it if we will.

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