Sarah Palin’s Genius

An interesting take on why her statements don’t come back on her. Most recently, she told a Canadian audience that her family used to cross the border for some of that government-run health care the Canadians somehow survive.

She is a genius of the incomplete sentence, the vague suggestion, the wink and the nod. She reminds me of Pentecostal preachers I heard as a teenager. Some of them could shout at the top of their lungs for an hour without actually saying anything. Glory! [followed by ten seconds of speaking in tongues] Let’s hear it louder people! Glory!!!

You can bang your head against the wall trying to argue with this kind of thing, but you’ll never win. They’re saved, you’re damned.

A witch, Margo Adler, once said that the challenge of our age is balancing the rational and the mystical. Sarah Palin is a powerful and effective communicator on the non-rational level. That’s her genius. She can say and do anything she wants. It will all roll off like teflon, just as it did for the brilliant and talented actor, Ronald Reagan.

ANOTHER REFUGEE FROM AMERICA: Rush Limbaugh has promised to move to Costa Rica if the health reform bill passes because Costa Rica has socialized medicine. Like many of us, he considers the present bill to be a disappointing compromise. Unlike those of us who love and will not leave America, he’s going to a place where he will not be rejected for his many pre-existing conditions.

Perhaps it’s just a rumor that he plans to use his fortune to establish a research center in Costa Rica dedicated to finding a cure for the scourge called ‘pilonidal cyst’. This dread condition prevented a young Limbaugh from serving his country in Vietnam, and may account for his many complaints related to the lower spinal area. Remember also, that sitting in a chair all day takes its toll. No sacrifice too great.

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