Don Botts Challenging Peter Palumbo in Cranston District 16

Well, the news is out on Facebook. Don Botts, a local Republican activist and Facebook controversy stirrer, is going to challenge Peter Palumbo (DINO of all DINO’s) for his State Representative seat. What will be the result of this daring move? Will Democrats in Cranston support Don in an effort to oust Palumbo? Could Don siphon off the more conservative voters to support him in a primary, leaving Palumbo more vulnerable to a primary challenge from a more progressive candidate?

If you want to “like” Don’s candidacy, you can go to this page on Facebook. I hope Don will agree to do an interview with me for Kmareka, to let the good people of District 16 know exactly where he stands on all those really hairy issues like immigration and abortion. Thanks to Don for being willing to brave the political waters here in Cranston. We need more people who have the guts to get out there.


13 thoughts on “Don Botts Challenging Peter Palumbo in Cranston District 16

  1. Interesting news.

    I don’t know Mr. Botts, but I imagine that many, many social justice activists will be campaigning for him as a result of the anti-immigrant legislation propounded by Rep. Palumbo (along with his appearances on FOX News where he expresses distaste for news stations covering “minorities.”

    We shall see though.

    If Mr. Botts is even more to the right than Rep. Palumbo, then maybe the voters just stay home.

    Rep. Palumbo still has time to make peace as well.

    Time will tell!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Matt. You may know Mr. Botts soon if your boys are going to play baseball in Cranston as he is head of the Cranston National Budlong Little League.

  2. I admire the courage it takes to do something. People (like me) talk all the time.

    As a Republican, I’m not sure how much I’ll agree with him, but kudos for to Mr Botts for sticking his neck out.

  3. I agree. It’s not easy to enter into the arena. Too many people sit in the cheap seats and comment about what’s wrong, kibitz about who’s doing what and never get into the game. Don did and kudos for that.

    That said, and I say this in a non-partisan sense, I wonder what else Don’ll bring to the table other than Palumbo’s anti-immigration bill?

    As for him mending fences, I wonder how much love for Peter there is in the local democratic party? I know that he’s not always been in step w/ the locals and has had a bit of a sometimes tumultuous history.

    Kiersten, I hope both Don and Peter take advantage of being interviewed on this blog. This is a good forum to discuss issues of concern to Cranston. I know I found it very hospitable to me back in the day. And people do read this blog (note to Nancy in a prior post!).

  4. Thank you for the kudos. I am going to be officially announcing Tuesday, June 1, 5pm, at Aqueduct Field.

    You can take a look at my web site, to see where I stand on some of the issues. I suspect there will be some disagreement on my viewpoints. But in the end, I am running because I want what is best for Cranston, and Rhode Island.

    I told Kiersten on FB I would be glad to sit down with her in a couple of weeks.

  5. I do not live in Cranston but my nephews play little league there. Why was Mr. Botts forced to resign from director of the little league?

  6. @Unclebaseball, I was not forced to resign from the little league. I announced back in June this would be my last term as President, and my term ends at the next General Meeting when we elect the next President of the league.

  7. Thanks for responding to this, Don. Unclebaseball, please check your facts before posting any more comments, lest we begin to wonder if you are just making stuff up.

    1. I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I attended the meeting last week and there was clearly some animosity against Mr. Botts. It was clear evryone wanted to move forward which means there was problems. Why bother having these blogs if the truth cannot be spoken, good or bad. Since where talking it also appears Mr. Botts has quite a temper which would not represent Cranston well at the State House.

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