Mea Culpa

I have to apologize to Rand Paul and all his loved ones. I snarked at him unjustly here when I accused him of making up the claim that Obama admin people were blustering about putting their ‘boot heel on the throat’ of BP. He said it sounded ‘un-American’ and it does. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said it. He didn’t actually say ‘heel’, maybe he meant he would poke them with the pointy toe, but it still is an echo of some of the more paranoid language used by the people who think they are being followed by black helicopters. Why bait them?

Worse, the tough talk is empty when BP just dithers on about how much they are spending with their failed attempts to stop the oil.

My fear is that Obama has not thrown them out because the US has no good way to stop this unprecedented disaster. BP has its boot heel on our throat. I’m going to spend the day burning petroleum, and so will you.

Back in the 70’s there was a meat boycott when the price of groceries got out of hand. It actually had an effect. It’s way easier to go vegetarian for a week than to go a day without driving. Still, conservation is one essential part of energy independence. We have to take it to the streets, and walk and bike on them.

And let me indulge in some self-pity while I’m at it. Back in the glory days of Kmareka if I posted something inaccurate our RW readers would have been all over me like oil on a pelican. I’m hurt. Is anyone reading us? Are we but a voice in the wilderness?


2 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. Its a fact Americans like to drive, and there is little likelihood oil alternatives as a power source for personal tranportation are coming en masse any time soon.

    So getting the oil is a problem, we have depleted much of our on-shore oil supplies, except perhas for the Alaska National Wildlife refuge. We could let the oil companies ruin that, or develop dirty oil-shale, or try to import more oil from foreign dictators. No good choice.

    It would help to drive less and walk (or bike, carpool, use trains and/or buses) more, which would also likely be healthier. While I doubt a visiting nurse has much alternative to driving, anyone in the metro area going to downtown Providence (and a few other hubs) almost surely has pretty good RIPTA bus service. For example, about every 15 or 20 minutes or so on Hope St, Chalkstone, Cranston St, Elmwood, even better on Broad and North Main. I always found that many RIPTA services are better than most non-users think they are. Also, with a bike rack on the buses, one can extend the range of what buses and bikes can each do separately.

  2. I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where it’s convenient to walk to errands. After a day of fighting traffic it’s a relief to be out of the car.
    I’m glad you say that about the bus. I was listening to NPR and the secretary of transportation, Ray LaHood was defending using some transportation money for walking, biking and public. Anyone who says that has to duck because the response is derision. It’s like it’s un-American. The auto industry sure bought a hunk of our country, and they’re not giving it back without a fight.

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