Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

This article summarizes research on coffee’s benefits. Enjoy your java as you read!


5 thoughts on “Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

  1. Getting caffeine from coffee is much better than getting it from cola,even the diet stuff.
    When I was little,there were just the usual brands and the only fresh ground was from A&P-8 O’Clock,Red Circle,and Bokar.
    Only when I was older and married did I discover there were scads of completely coffee varieties.

  2. I think that coffee is part of our everyday social life. Most of us drink coffee every morning (I do 2), we take a coffee break now and then, we buy coffee mugs in as many shapes as stars and much more. Coffee is like a fashion trend.

  3. There is a limit-a certain type of coffee is made from undigested beans found in civet poop-I think only Andrew Zimmern could gag that down.

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