Ruth Dealy at Imago Gallery

Ruth Dealy spoke at Imago on June 24th. Ruth is one of Rhode Island’s most uncompromising artists, working big with vivid images of what she sees out her window and in her mirror. It looks abstract, she says she makes nothing up and just paints what’s there.

A sample of Ruth’s work is on her site, here.

Ruth’s relationship to visual art is intertwined with her gratitude for vision. She lost one eye in childhood due to illness and a few years ago became blind in her good eye, necessitating risky surgery which was successful. Her paintings are full of clashing colors and powerful brush strokes, creating a zone of light and motion.

I’m still processing her artist’s talk last night, but Bill Rodriguez at the Phoenix published this excellent interview in 2003.

Ruth was also interviewed on YouTube here, and repeats the advice that she gave last night, that the work of the artist is to ‘stay scared’. She has gone into the dark, not as a tourist or for the experience, but involuntarily and terrified. She paints the journey and the way back. Ruth’s show at Imago will be up through July 10th.


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