Miracle Weight Loss Plan

Take the bus! No really. A study shows evidence that using mass transit causes people to lose weight.

I’m going to be walking extra today to get the bus to pick up my car. Hey, whatever gets you up on your feet.

There’s a potential link between air pollution and obesity. Also a link between stress and obesity. What is more stressful than sitting in a traffic jam?

Right now it’s not convenient, or even possible, for most of us to take the bus to work. And our buses are noisy and spewing fumes. But a well-designed system would be clean, accessible, and used by all kinds of people as a good alternative. Like the trolley my great-grandfather drove through the streets of Providence.

One estimate is that obesity costs the US 147 billion dollars a year. That’s on top of the billions that individuals pay for weight loss products and programs. And we’re just getting fatter.

Either human nature has taken a turn for the worse and we all had better character twenty years ago, or even ten– or our environment has changed.

In that case things won’t get better until we change it again, with less cars, more bikes and walking as a part of daily life.

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