New Poet Laureate Named

I appreciate the beauty of language, the taste and feel of it in my mouth, the casual way it lies upon the printed page and reflects light and truth. Because I love language, I love poetry and so pay attention to events such as the naming of a new U.S. Poet Laureate. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that W.S. Merwin was appointed to that august position. That article is here. In honor of the occasion, I offer you a taste of Mr. Merwin’s work:

Good People

From the kindness of my parents
I suppose it was that I held
that belief about suffering

imagining that if only
it could come to the attention
of any person with normal
feelings certainly anyone
literate who might have gone

to college they would comprehend
pain when it went on before them
and would do something about it
whenever they saw it happen
in the time of pain the present
they would try to stop the bleeding
for example with their own hands

but it escapes their attention
or there may be reasons for it
the victims under the blankets
the meat counters the maimed children
the animals the animals
staring from the end of the world

More can be found here and here. Enjoy!

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