George Takei on Prop 8

 George Takei, Star Trek’s Lieut. Sulu, is happy about the recent court decision that California’s Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.   He married his partner in 2008, when it was  briefly legal.  He is reputed to be very nice to the devoted fans who still secretly wish they could be beamed-up– like right now.  I always loved the way the old Star Trek introduced diversity into the deeply segregated world of TV back in the sixties. The Enterprise let a Russian on the bridge!  They gave Chekov the steering wheel!

Today we take it for granted that couples may marry regardless of skin color, but that is after almost fifty years. Imagine the language that would be used and the pain to individuals if that issue was fought state by state. Justice feels so natural and inevitable when the rights of minorities are protected. And we congratulate ourselves for being more tolerant than past generations. We should instead thank those, like Mildred and Richard Loving, who risked their lives to make this happen.

All of you who dislike government interference and admire personal responsibility– let committed partners sign up for legal responsibility for one another. All of you who think homosexual marriage is an abomination– take comfort in the separation of church and state that ensures that the union of homosexuals, divorcees, or unbelievers will never be blessed in your church.

GLASS HOUSE WINDOW WASHER: courtesy of Buzzflash, the Pensito Review suggests we take a closer look at adultery as a threat to the sanctity of marriage.
This kind of makes sense. A lot of heterosexual couples get a warm fuzzy when they see gay couples weeping with gratitude on being allowed the same rights heterosexuals take for granted. Hearing about someone else’s (Newt, I’m not picking on you) flagrant infidelity and multiple marriages, kind of makes you feel dissed. Like, does staying faithful to the first person you take vows with mean you don’t respect marriage enough to do it every few years? Are you supposed to upgrade, like with cars? Probably not, but some of the most sanctimonious marriage defenders don’t care to actually stay married when better opportunities come calling.

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