Three Supreme Women

Elana Kagan is confirmed by Congress to serve on the Supreme Court.

Judge Sandra Day O’ Connor was the first woman to serve, and Elena Kagan will be the fourth in all of US history. This will be the first time that three of the nine Supremes are women.

It takes over thirty years to build the kind of career that qualifies a person for public service on this level. This is the generation that found opportunity to aspire and succeed. Progress makes history when individuals are the first to achieve, but progress starts with an open door for individuals just starting out.

A more just society today will bear fruit in the next generation.

3 thoughts on “Three Supreme Women

  1. There are far better women for the job than this upper West side ideologue leftist.
    Janice Rogers Brown would be good,but the progressives hate her-she believes in the supremacy of private property rights.She’d be the first Black woman on the Supreme Court,but hey,not the kind this administration wants.They want political correctness,which will be the downfall of this country,stifling honest expression of thought.

  2. The first comment is rather unplesant, what has “upper west side” or “political correctness” have to do with this?

    President Obama won the election so he gets to appoints someone like E Kagan, clearly a mainstream pragmatic liberal with a good record of getting along with conservative colleagues. Similarly when W Bush won the election he got to appoint conservatives like Alioto and Roberts who vote the way the fat cats and corporate interests would like. Thats politics.

  3. “Upper West Side” denotes an extreme liberal view prevalent in that part of NYC.
    Political correctness is the poison of society.
    It’s “Alito”by the way.Alioto was the Mayor of San Francisco back in the day.
    Being neither rich nor corporate,I’d say Roberts and Alito also represent the values of many ordinary Americans.
    Since I don’t believe in PC,I guess the unpleasant tone of my remark is free speech,although this being a private blog,the owner can delete it.I also respect private property,which the liberals on SCOTUS apparently didn’t(New London eminent domain case).

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